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Passion BookPassion is a collection of poetry inspired by two minds.
Jason co-wrote this amazing work with his daughter, Tracey Lapham White.
The concept was for each author to write a "response" to the previous poem. Allowing for an organic development in conversation style.

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Online can support Jason on Patreon. Follow the link to enjoy fresh content for a small small monthly contribution. Media is a community for writers of all different sorts. Go to Jason's Vocal Media page to enjoy some of his work. This is where Jason will go outside of his comfort zone to experiment with style and subjects. Let him know what you think. legacy site, the birthplace of Living or Existing. Jason started this blog in 2005 to have a place to share his written craft. The site didn't get too much attention until the end of 2018 when Jason made the commitment to accelerate his writing career. Visit the Living or Existing Blogger page to experience what was.
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