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There is nothing more important than keeping a promise to ourselves. Ironically, many of us treat the promises we make to ourselves as options and not as must-haves. I spent my entire life making excuses for why I didn’t keep promises to myself. That is up until a year ago. And, the result is that I have had a decent year of growth over 2019. In 2018 I co-authored a book with my daughter, Tracey Lapham White.

This is basically how it happened. When I was 36 I went through the separation of my most important and longest romantic relationships to date. At the time I knew two things: 1. I was not living to my potential, and 2. I was not in a healthy place in my life. This led me on a journey of self-discovery. One of the things I always wanted to do was be a writer. I wrote as a child and a teenager and then that faded away into my adulthood. It is something that gave me joy and still does. However, because of my lack of self-respect and self- esteem I gave up most things that gave me joy. Because, as I learned, if you are not sharing the things that bring you joy they become a burden, a poison. My daughter, being the amazing support she is, asked me to write a poetry book with her. The concept we came up with was a conversation, one of us started the conversation by writing the first poem and the other wrote a poem in response then, the first in response to the second. We finished the book in July of 2018 and were both fearful of what came next which led to procrastination. Until December when Tracey was like “let’s just fucking do this!”. At that point, I came to yet another realization. I am hiding too much behind my fears and I am breaking too many of my promises to myself. This was one of the best realizations I made so far. Now some would say the worst realization. But, I believe that when we are standing in a mirror naked with only the cold truth facing us we have a choice to break the habit or concede. And, I don’t like conceding. We published our book, Passion, and I committed at that point to write. The first thing I did was dust off my dormant old blog. I did this for two reasons: 1. I wanted a format to advertise my written material, and 2. It was a format I felt comfortable to write on. Almost immediately I became aware that my blogger platform wasn’t going to bring me the most value and recognition as a writer. A few weeks after this awareness I purchased my URL and made myself a promise that I would switch platforms by the end of 2019. So, that’s where we are now.

The content will be the same as it was on my old platform and I will be adding a series called the Changemakers Blog Series so look for that. I appreciate my followers and look forward to reaching more with this platform. Keep coming back and let’s start conversations.


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Jason White is a father, a grandfather, a knowledge seeker, and a sharer. Jason is the owner of Growth Positive Consulting where he puts his fundraising and management skills to great use. He is a writer, a woodworker, and a philanthropist. Find him here:
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